For the Clerkenwell Design Week, ICG Gallery London presents its new look, becoming an immersive, interactive, technological and engaging contemporary art gallery. The new space is much more than a Showroom of high-end natural ceramic surfaces, it is a place where you can tangibly and virtually experience the Group’s values and materials. 

Outside the new Showroom, digital installations interact with the movement of passers-by, accompanying them in a stroll through “Tomorrow it will be Green Hydrogen”: virtual rainfall that turns into clean energy. A digital representation of water that produces green hydrogen used to power the new H2 Factory. An invitation to dialogue with the installations, not just look at them. An engagement that suggests you enter the Gallery to find out about the other innovations too. 

The interior is a space to be lived. On the ground floor, visitors cross through a world created with augmented reality, discovering first-hand the four beneficial properties of the eco-active Active Surfaces®. 

Level +1 is the realm of the Material Gallery, a space to enter in a journey through matter, browsing the textures, formats and thicknesses, endless sources of inspiration for designers and design lovers. The materials literally attract: Visitors can test the magnetic laying functionATTRACT. Smart Living goes magnetic”, the Group’s latest innovative solution. 

On level -1, the Comfort Lounge, they enter into the depth of technological research, the Group’s distinguishing feature. An intimate space highlighting the design applications, touch surfaces for home automation, tailor-made furnishings and smart solutions for green building. 

Registration is required for admission at ICG Gallery’s events during the Clerkenwell Design Week.

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