ICG Gallery Showroom is located at 61-67 Old Street in Clerkenwell, the creative heart of the city. In line with the dynamic spirit of the area, it was designed as an ambiance receptive to creativity, networking and collaboration.

61-67, Old Street
London EC1V 9HW
United Kingdom

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Mon - Fri 09:30 am – 05:30 pm

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Iris Ceramica Group’s London Showroom is located at 61-67 Old Street in Clerkenwell, the creative heart of the city. In line with the dynamic spirit of the location, Area 17, the Florence architecture and interior design studio, designed a setting receptive to creativity, networking and cooperation.

Located in an industrial-style building covering almost 600 sq.m., the new Iris Ceramica Group Showroom in London is an immersive, interactive, technological and engaging contemporary art gallery. The new Showroom goes way beyond the mere exhibition of the surfaces, it is a concrete expression of the Group’s guiding values: sustainability, innovation and beauty.

The exteriors of ICG Gallery are in themselves an immersive experience: the movement of the passers-by becomes a stroll through virtual rain that turns into clean energy: it is a digital representation of water producing green hydrogen used to power the new H2 Factory™. The digital installations in the window invite passers-by to become active subjects and enter the Gallery to find out about the other innovations too.

The interior is a space to be lived. On the ground floor, visitors cross a world created with augmented reality, seeing for themselves the benefits of the eco-active Active Surfaces®, for a world marked by health and well-being, in perfect harmony with the environment.
The upper floor is the realm of the Material Gallery, a space to enter in a journey through matter, browsing the textures, formats and thicknesses, endless sources of inspiration for designers and design lovers. It is an invitation to play with the surfaces, create moodboards, combinations, compositions and experiment new forms of application.

On level -1 (Comfort Lounge) we enter into the depth of technological research, the Group’s distinguishing feature. An intimate space highlighting the design applications, the touch surfaces for home automation, tailor-made furnishings and smart solutions for green architecture.

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Discover how our showroom looked like through the virtual tour. Soon the interactive video with the new setup of ICG Gallery London will be online.

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