After the success of Bottega in Bloom during the last Clerkenwell Design Week, the London ICG Gallery “flourish” again on the night of the 31st July with the event Summer in Bloom. To celebrate the summer season, the Gallery will also host a special edition of the Wax Atelier workshop.

The team of the London-based contemporary artist Lola Lely will guide the ICG Gallery visitors through an experiential workshop in which flowers become the means for experimenting the concept of “suspension in time”: an opportunity to escape the rhythms of everyday life and reconnect with ourselves and others. At the end of the workshop, the unexpected final result, the flower crystallised in wax, becomes a gift of the evening enhanced with new meaning.

As the artist explains, natural wax offers high-potential narrative and expressive abilities. A product derived from honey and other plants offering infinite circular uses with its versatility and tactile qualities becomes the ideal medium for creating a metaphor with ceramic materials.

At the entrance of the ICG Gallery will be still possible to see “In Bloom”, the installation of suspended flowers created with waxed fabrics by the artist Lola Lely. The artistic works accompanies the workshop “Wax Atelier”, creating an ethereal world of colours, perfumes, flowers and wax to turn the Gallery into an authentic art workshop to get lost and find ourselves in, thanks to the imaginative power of art.

Summer in Bloom will be an opportunity to celebrate the season of light-heartedness and lightness, an invitation to enjoy the present moment, in harmony with oneself and with others. All of that will happen in a space, that of the ICG Gallery, characterized by an aesthetic of innovative and multisensory design.
The events and workshops organised for the concept Bottega in Bloom, from which Summer in Bloom is coming from, pay homage to the project “Bottega d’Arte” by Iris Ceramica - a brand of Iris Ceramica Group – red body surfaces with a hand-crafted flavour, an authentic haute couture of ceramics. The Terracotta surfaces are created exploring traditional production techniques and manual skills to shed new light on handmade beauty. The collection expresses a long tradition of craftmanship, tactile and aesthetic qualities that the concept aim to highlight.

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