The last event of the year in The Architects Series begins on 13 December at SpazioFMG per l’Architettura, taking spectators overseas to discover New York studio FXCollaborative.
After the presentation video, “The Architects Series – A documentary on: FXCollaborative”, Senior Partner Dan Kaplan will talk about the synergy between humans and nature that underlies all the team’s projects in a lecture on “Urban Alchemies: Repair and Transformation”.

Intelligence, Intuition, Interconnection: these three simple words sum up the modus operandi of FXCollaborative, the studio featured in the sixth event in The Architects Series.
The famous collective of more than 150 architects and professionals in the Big Apple and Washington, DC will be presented on 13 December in the exhibition format curated by The Plan and hosted at SpazioFMG per l’ArchitetturaIris Ceramica and FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti’s gallery and showroom in Milan.

FXCollaborative was established in New York in 1978 thanks to the dedication of Bruce Fowle; in only forty years he and eight partners developed and guided an architectural studio that is now one of the most influential on the world scene.

FXCollaborative sees intelligence as the ability to create high-impact projects that maximize people’s relationship with the world around them. To achieve this goal, the studio promotes design which is not only rigorous, transparent and well thought-out, but aims to achieve sustainability and excellence. Through ongoing analysis of architecture’s holistic function and of human needs, the studio bases its work on principles of empathy and resistance, with the aim of combatting the degradation that is undermining our planet’s health.

FXCollaborative’s architectural projects, ranging from urban masterplans to infrastructure projects and revitalization of workplaces and entire city districts, are inspired by a profound intuition: drawing on the work of numerous professionals including architects, designers and urban planners, the studio has always celebrated the uniqueness of individuals and cultures, and every form of diversity is appreciated in order to achieve maximum innovation. The team establishes successful relationships with its stakeholders, clients and external consultants and proposes creation of modern, inclusive spaces through teamwork.

The desire to create positive environments that do not alter the nature of their surroundings is translated through attribution of key importance to interconnection between the natural and urban environments.
The projects created are the result of the assimilation of years of expertise creating sustainable environments that respond to clients’ desires, such as Passive House, Net Zero, and LEED certified projects. This has earned FXCollaborative numerous awards and international accolades for its notable performance parameters in the areas of sustainability and energy efficiency, and these acknowledgements have earned it a position as one of the 50 most sustainable studios in the United States.

This complex but interesting blend of culture and nature, sustainability and progress will be illustrated first of all in a video presenting FXCollaborative’s studio, and then in a lecture entitled “Urban Alchemies: Repair and Transformation” by Dan Kaplan, Senior Partner.
The lecture will present some of the studio’s most significant buildings on the world scene, including 1 Willoughby Square, which combines the look of an industrial loft in Brooklyn with a contemporary vision; Circa Central Park, a complex of luxury homes celebrating the relationship with the street and the city; and, lastly, Allianz Tower, Turkey’s first LEED Platinum skyscraper.

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